Tuesday, October 30, 2007

No place like home

So i've recently moved away from my home of 18 years. I'm the type of person who usually adapts well to change and new environments and I think i've made the transition from living at home to living on my own fairly well. I keep a clean room for the most part. I eat a pretty good variety of food. BUT!! there's still just no place like home. I've never done my own laundry until i came up here to school, pathetic I know. I miss my mom. I miss my dad. I miss my laundry always being done and folded neatly. I miss home cooked meals. I miss sunday morning breakfasts. I miss HOME!!!!

Must See movies

Here's a list of movies that in my opinion are a must see

1. Back to the future(my all-time favorite)
2. Forrest Gump
3. Gladiatior
4. You've Got Mail
5. 300
6. Dan in Real Life
7. The Shawshank Redemption
8. Sweet Home Alabama
9. The Notebook
10. The Fugitive

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Good Friends!!!

My friends have always been a pretty big influence in my life and have been with me most of them since kindergarden. Ya i know we go way back. So i figured i'd give them a shout out. Were all pretty spread out right now. Jake just got his mission call to Ecuador he leaves on January 2 of next year were all pretty stoked for him. Aj goes to University of Utah and is just livin the dream up there. As for me and Adam we go to SUU and last but not least Brett goes to good ol BYU. I wish we could all be at the same place but what can ya do. Some of the friends that aren't pictured are David,Garrett, and Nate. I dont have pictures of them or else i'd put those up too. I've been blessed in my life to have great friends. In the words of Forrest Gump "Bubba was my best good friend and even i know the that aint something you can find around the corner" man i love that movie. Its a good one if you've never seen it i highly renting it and watching it immediately...Me and my friends have had lots of good times together and hopefully many more. I'm old enough now to know that a true friend is a rare thing to find so I try and hold on to my friends pretty tight. "Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art... It has no survival value; rather is one of those things that give value to survival."

In the beginning....

In the church i belong to they say its a good idea to keep a record or a journal of what goes on in your life, so I have decided to follow this advice. Just a little background information: I currently attend Southern Utah University and reside in a small town called Cedar City. Its a lot different from the place i grew up in but its starting to grow on me.I grew up in vegas, cool i know. SUU has a beautiful campus, lots of trees and big mountains surrounding. I enjoy that part of it.. I live in a house just off campus with one of my best friends from high school. Its a big comfort to me. Friends are such a nice thing to have in this world. I believe similiarites create friendships but differences are what keep them together okay i'm starting to sound like my mom lol usually not a good sing anyways me and Adam both have lots of similarites but also lots of differences. Adam's a laid back, funny, down to earth guy, full of funny movie quotes and good impersonations. If you ever get a chance to meet him you definately should. You won't regret it, he guarantees it ha. Actually if what i just said interests you. check him out at http://houseofadamlords.blogspot.com/
Thats it for now. Still lots more to come. EHLTB(elvis has left the building) its corny i know but i like cheesy sign offs ha.