Tuesday, October 23, 2007

In the beginning....

In the church i belong to they say its a good idea to keep a record or a journal of what goes on in your life, so I have decided to follow this advice. Just a little background information: I currently attend Southern Utah University and reside in a small town called Cedar City. Its a lot different from the place i grew up in but its starting to grow on me.I grew up in vegas, cool i know. SUU has a beautiful campus, lots of trees and big mountains surrounding. I enjoy that part of it.. I live in a house just off campus with one of my best friends from high school. Its a big comfort to me. Friends are such a nice thing to have in this world. I believe similiarites create friendships but differences are what keep them together okay i'm starting to sound like my mom lol usually not a good sing anyways me and Adam both have lots of similarites but also lots of differences. Adam's a laid back, funny, down to earth guy, full of funny movie quotes and good impersonations. If you ever get a chance to meet him you definately should. You won't regret it, he guarantees it ha. Actually if what i just said interests you. check him out at http://houseofadamlords.blogspot.com/
Thats it for now. Still lots more to come. EHLTB(elvis has left the building) its corny i know but i like cheesy sign offs ha.



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